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Image by Cenk Batuhan Özaltun


Reliable & Honest

Scenic Detailing & Services offers exceptional Mobile Detailing/Eco-Car Wash for Cars, Trucks, RV/Campers, or Boats.  We service the Otero and Dona Ana County. We can also build packages that tailor your needs. Please feel free to call or text for a free estimate.

I started detailing back in 2014 when I was in High School with my best friend. Like any new drivers on the road we were eager to keep our vehicles looking shiny and smelling great at all times. Come to find out we grew to love learning about the latest products for detailing and kept cleaning our own and friends cars. I knew I wanted to pursue my passion in the automotive industry and this is where Scenic Detailing came to life. Our beloved Scenic Dr. is the inspiration behind the name. No matter what mood you may be in, a nice calm drive enjoying the scenery on Scenic Dr is home.


Authorized Owner's Pride Ceramic Coating Installer

Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating is the result of decades of research, development and field experience in detailing and protecting vehicles of all types, inside and out. It is a Hydrophobic coating leveraging silica technology that chemically bonds with factory clear coat to provide a layer of protection that is more permanent and resilient than a wax or other polymers. This creates an impenetrable layer to UV, weather, acids, pollutants, bird droppings, tree sap and anything else that threatens your vehicle’s surface.


Glassparency Authorized Installer

Designed to make your glass water repellent, more durable, easier to clean, and optically clearer. Every professionally installed glass treatment comes with a 3-year product warranty that covers re-application and maintenance.

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